We are a district wide umbrella group consisting of representatives from residents' associations and individuals who meet every two months to discuss issues relating to council housing.
The ATF also has two seats on the Adur Homes' Management Board, which is responsible for key policy decisions and for the overall strategy and priorities of Adur Homes.
The ATF office is available for use as a meeting room for residents' associations and for tenant and leaseholder goups. 


The people who live in our homes have a wide variety of needs and expectations. 
You may want to take an active part in influencing management decisions or you may want us to help provide community facilites, events, give advice or taining. 
By involving tenants and leaseholders in the housing management process, we can make sure that our systems and practices are user friendly and meet your needs 
We encourage all residents to take the opportunity to influence decisions at whatever level you wish.