Constitution of the Adur Tenants Forum


1.0          Name.


1.1           The name of the organisation is the Adur Tenants Forum (ATF).


2.0          Aims.


2.1           To represent the views of current and future tenants and leaseholders of Adur Homes Services and to promote their interests.


  1. To assist Adur Homes Services in consulting with its tenants and leaseholders on all aspects of the housing service and to ensure that their views are listened to and acted on.


2.3            To advise Adur District Council, their Cabinet, Committees and individual Members of its views in respect of matters relating to housing.


2.4           To monitor, scrutinise and challenge the performance of Adur Homes Services to ensure value for money and to encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation.


  1. To promote resident involvement and to work in partnership with Adur Homes Services to ensure that this is acknowledged as an integral and valued part of its work.


2.6           To offer relevant training to tenants and leaseholders of Adur Homes Services to enable their effective participation in the housing service and to share this information with other residents.


2.7           To uphold equal opportunities and work for good relations amongst all members of the community.


3.0          Equal Opportunities.


3.1           Membership of the ATF shall be open to all Adur District Council tenants and leaseholders, irrespective of their political viewpoint, gender, disabilities, race, sexuality, age, religion or marital status.


4.0          Membership.


4.1           The ATF will be made up of the following: -


i)        Two representatives from each of the recognised residents’ associations, who shall be known as Full Members.


         ii)        Up to two tenants or leaseholders, who shall be known as Full Members, to represent a local area, street or block of flats where a recognised residents’ association is not in existence.  Individual members must demonstrate every twelve months that they have the support of three residents aged 18 years or over and living in different households in the area that they wish to represent.  At the end of this twelve month period, if more than two tenants or leaseholders wish to represent the same area, street or block, representation will be determined by a ballot of all council tenants and leaseholders living in that area.   


iii)        Other tenants and leaseholders of Adur District Council, who shall be known as Associate Members, and who may attend Annual, Special and General meetings of the ATF but who do not have the right to vote.


4.2           All members of the ATF shall be either a tenant or leaseholder of Adur District Council or, if representing a recognised residents’ association, a person aged 18 years or over who lives permanently with an Adur District Council tenant or leaseholder.


4.3          The balance between tenants and leaseholders should always be maintained and should reflect (within 10%) that of the council’s housing stock.


4.4           Anyone acting in the capacity of an elected councillor or staff of Adur District Council shall only attend ATF meetings by invitation.


4.5           The ATF shall have the power to invite whosoever it sees fit to provide appropriate advice or training.


5.0          Officers.


5.1          The Annual General Meeting of the ATF shall elect: -


i)          a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. 


ii)         a management committee of up to four other members to assist in the running of the organisation.


iii)        five Full Members to represent the ATF on the Compact Monitoring Group.


iv)        representatives to any other bodies that members consider necessary. 


5.2          The term of office for officers, committee members and representatives shall be one year, unless they are re-elected.  If re-elected, officers may serve a maximum of three consecutive years in the same post.  


5.3          If no Full Member of the ATF is nominated, the role of Secretary may be undertaken by the Tenant Participation Officer of Adur District Council. 


5.4           All other officers, committee members and representatives must be Full Members of the ATF but must not be elected councillors or employees of Adur District Council.


5.5           The Chair and Vice-Chair must not be members of the same residents’ association or representatives of the same area. 


5.6           No residents’ association shall have more than two members on the ATF management committee at the same time. 


5.7           No officer of the ATF shall have any authority or powers except those expressly given to them by a meeting of the ATF.


5.8           If an officer of the ATF leaves their post during their year of office, the ATF may appoint a substitute at the next meeting.


6.0           Annual General Meeting.


6.1           The ATF must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 13 months of the previous AGM.  Elected councillors and individual housing staff will be invited to a meeting with the ATF to take place immediately after the AGM.  (This will be one of the twice-yearly meetings between the ACF, elected councillors and housing staff, with the other taking place in December).


6.2           At the AGM the ATF will: -


                 i)          Review the last year.


                 ii)         Elect its officers.


                 iii)        Consider its plans for the next year.


7.0           Special General Meetings


7.1           A Special General Meeting will be held if six or more Full Members submit, in writing, a request for such a meeting to the Secretary.  The meeting will be open to all members and the Secretary will arrange for it to take place within 14 days of receiving the written request.


8.0           All meetings


8.1         All members will be sent written notification of an ATF meeting at least 10 days in advance of the meeting.


8.2         The ATF will meet at least six times each year, in addition to the Annual   General Meeting and the Christmas Social.  Where possible, meetings shall take place prior to a Joint Strategic Committee meeting to consider items on that agenda.


8.3          Copies of the minutes of all meetings of the ATF will be sent to all ATF members, selected housing staff and elected councillors of Adur District Council and to other tenants and leaseholders on request.


8.4          At any meeting, including the Annual General Meeting, any Full Member may make a proposal.  In order for it to be voted on, it must be seconded by another Full Member who is present at the meeting.


8.5          Only Full Members present at a meeting may vote.


8.6          Before voting, any Full Member may propose an amendment, which must also be seconded. In the event of such an amendment being proposed, and seconded, the amendment shall be voted on before the original proposal.


8.7          A vote will be decided by a simple majority on a show of hands, unless the meeting decides on another method.


8.8          In the event of a tie vote, the person chairing the meeting shall have a second or casting vote to determine the motion.


8.9          Code of Conduct.  See Appendix A


9.0           Quorum.


9.1           The quorum for all ATF meetings shall be 8 Full Members.  The majority of those attending must, so long as there are more Council tenants than leaseholders, be tenants.


10.0         Changes to the Constitution.


10.1         Changes to the Constitution may only be made at the AGM or Special General Meeting.


10.2         Any proposed changes must be sent in writing to all members at least 28 days before the AGM or Special General Meeting.


10.3         Changes can only be made if they are approved by two thirds of the Full Members at the meeting.





11.0         Finance.


11.1         All money raised on behalf of the ATF shall be used to further the aims of the organisation.

11.2         The treasurer shall open a bank account in the name of the Adur Tenants Forum.


11.3         Cheque signatories shall be nominated by the ATF and shall consist of the Treasurer and two other Full Members.


11.4         All cheques and instructions to the bankers shall require two of the agreed signatories.  These must not be from the same household or family.


11.5         The accounts will be inspected by the Tenant Participation Officer if the annual turnover is less than £3,000 or audited if it is more than £3,000 each year.


11.6         The accounts will be made available to members at the AGM.


12.0         Training.


12.1         Members may request and undertake appropriate training that is made available by any relevant body, within a reasonable budget.


13.0         Dissolution.


13.1         The ATF may only be dissolved at a Special General Meeting specifically called for that purpose.


13.2         The proposal to dissolve the ATF must be sent in writing to all members at least 28 days before a Special General Meeting.


13.3         The proposal will only take effect if agreed by two thirds of the Full Members present at the meeting.